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Men On A Mission Tour

About The Tour

Mark Hackley’s “Man On A Mission Tour” began in 2010.  The mission of the tour is to save a life a week by getting the word out about DVT and PE, two serious diseases involving abnormal clotting within the human veinous system.  These are the same conditions that affected Mark after a music performance in 2006 that landed him in the hospital with a lengthy recovery and led him to create this music and fact-filled health awareness tour to benefit the public. In 2014, Mark teamed up with his friend Tim Bullard, a singer since childhood, and fellow DVT survivor. The two have formed the "Men On A Mission Tour" and will spread the blood clot awareness message through their music and testimonies across Virginia beginning in 2014.

The free to the public shows will be held at libraries, medical centers, performing art centers and various other host sites in Virginia.

For information about the program contact Mark using the information found here:


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